Our Story

Popperoo was founded in 1962 to become the first full-scale popcorn retailer in the Philippines. We started as a popcorn concessionaire in various theater counters and entertainment hubs where we offered our Savory Line—multiple popcorn flavors in different packaging and serving sizes. Popcorn, being a staple movie snack in the Philippines, proved to be a substantial solo retail product. Thus, with the encouraging success of our Savory Line, we ventured into expanding our reach and introduced to the Philippine market the first freestanding popcorn carts in 1989.

Since then, we have grown to become a nationwide franchisor with over 70 popcorn carts (and growing) installed in different establishments throughout the country. We have also made our products available in various supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Over the years, we have established a name for our brand, being the market leader in popcorn retailing and the top wholesale supplier of quality popcorn products. We have also continued to produce innovative snacks that our patrons would enjoy.

In 2018, we have successfully revolutionized the current popcorn trend by creating Fritoz Pop, an original Popperoo product line that boasts of the first ever Pinoy-flavored popcorn snack in the world. We consider this innovation as the Philippines' contribution to the global popcorn industry. Fritoz Pop is created using fresh ingredients, infused with perfectly formulated Filipino flavors, and meticulously processed using custom-built machinery and Filipino-invented procedures. Fritoz Pop is expected to release more flavors that will cater to every popcorn lover’s “panlasang Pinoy” in the near future.

Today, we take pride in being the premier popcorn authority that Filipinos choose to satisfy their popcorn cravings, whether they are at the movies or simply at home.